Reuters: Big Pharma Set to Raise Prices in January

Nothing rings in the New Year quite like high drug prices. Reuters recently reported that nearly 30 drugmakers have taken steps to raise U.S. prices for pharmaceuticals in January, officially ending the halt not to raise prices in response to pressure from the Administration.

Some experts are anticipating that the price increases will be even more significant than previous years, despite all the talk to bring down prices and pledges not to raise prices.

Price hikes are expected to pose a new challenge to the Administration, based on its commitment to lowering drug prices and, specifically, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). As its policy proposals have been harshly criticized, HHS must now deal with more backlash since there is nothing in place to stop Big Pharma from raising drug prices.

But while the so-called leaders and experts in Washington prepare to churn out more empty promises and smoke-and-mirrors messages, Americans continue to struggle.

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