Prescription Justice: Why Some Americans Don’t Buy Safe and Affordable Medication Online

Recently, wrote about a Zogby Poll commissioned by Prescription Justice showing that more than 30% of Americans who said they have never ordered a medication online from another country cited fear of substandard drugs.

Yet another 32% cited the law restricting the practice. Most often (44%) people said they preferred to get medication from local pharmacists.

As Gabriel Levitt – President of – points out, the irony is that 45 million Americans did not fill a prescription in 2016 due to the cost. This survey may indicate that a significant percentage of these people would have been able to access safe and affordable prescription medication if they had been properly educated or if the law was more permissive.

As Levitt stats:

While FDA doesn’t bust people for importing small quantities of mediation for personal use, the law is a deterrent. I think that’s sad when instead the FDA, using enforcement discretion permitted under current law, could identify the safest international online pharmacies, while continuing to caution consumers about rogue websites and cracking down on counterfeit drug sales.

To access the full results of the survey and commentary from Levitt, please visit this link.