Palm Beach Post: Importing drugs from Canada unproven, but may be only ready Rx for what ails US

This Palm Beach Post op-ed captures the high stakes high drug cost debate and potential promise of importation from Canada. In fact, it is a matter of life-and-death for millions of Floridians, as the article points out.

As the editorial states, ‘too many seniors [in Florida] must choose between high-priced, life-giving medication and food or rent.’

As the Administration moves forward with importation planning, the critical question will be whether or not the right path is chosen to ensure that importation can effectively open access to more affordable medications.

Last summer, Florida submitted a proposal to import drugs that would save the state roughly $150 million in drug costs. Governor Ron DeSantis pushed for the legislation even when it seemed like a long shot.

Washington is behind Florida and the 23 other states that have passed bills to lower high drug prices. But they must catch up with all the promises that they have made to do something once and for all.

This sentence in particular states the truth: “Given the gridlock in Washington, lower drug prices via our Canadian neighbors may be the best low-cost prescription for what currently ails our healthcare system.”

We agree. As plans move forward, the right drugs at the right price offered through personal prescription importation is the best chance we have of lowering sky-high drug prices.

We will be watching closely as this moves forward.

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