HHS Recognizes that Rx Importation is Safe

Recently, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar acknowledged publicly that both American and Canadian drug distribution systems are safe. Whether from a brick-and-mortar store or a licensed, legitimate online Canadian pharmacy, Americans should have access to life saving medicines through personal importation.

Politico reported his positive comments regarding importation calling them Azar’s ‘new view’ on importation. Interestingly, the HHS secretary called importation a ‘risky gimmick,’ just last year.

Azar stated that he changed his mind after talking to experts and reflecting on the issue. One reason he cited that is worth noting is the fact that the drug distribution channel has changed since the early 2000s.

Moving forward, Azar said that the agency is going to “marry the incredibly safe, American drug distribution system and the safe Canadian drug distribution system.”

The full Politico story can be accessed here (subscription required).