CPPI: Showing Americans a Safe, Affordable Alternative to Rising Rx Prices

Recently, our Executive Director was interviewed for the Canada Online Health website regarding what we have learned through our community of supporters who import safe and affordable medications from Canada.

Cooley focused on what people can do now to combat high drug prices, stating “Some people don’t have many options when faced with skyrocketing drug prices, and those prices are increasing almost daily.  Being able to get those medications from Canada at a significantly reduced price is important.”  

When asked about the biggest challenge we face, Cooley cited the lack of awareness or misinformation out there regarding ordering medications online. Cooley said, “The reality is people are safely importing their daily medications at enormous savings. Our community puts a human voice to the realities of importation and we promote what’s really going on.   People are savvy.  They know the industry, and they know that the purpose of all that misinformation is just to keep the prescription medication prices high.   Now people are fighting against those high prices and are showing everyone that prescription importation is working and it is safe, legal, and possible.” 

You can find a link to the full interview here.