Big Pharma Gearing Up to Keep Prices High. Here’s What You Can Do

Politico and the Washington Post recently reported that the pharmaceutical industry has added $100 million to its war chest, with a goal of stopping Congress and the next President from taking steps to get drug pricing under control.

Big Pharma’s lobbying arm has grown its budget by 50%, giving it more than $300 million to use for its efforts to keep drug prices at record highs. This news is disheartening, as we’ve finally seen signs of Congress taking notice of the incredible burden high drug prices put on our healthcare system, and the millions of Americans who cannot afford prescribed medications. Members of Congress and presidential candidates have expressed outrage over the recent 500% price increase for EpiPen® and have supported a number of measures to lower drug prices, including increased access to safe, affordable prescriptions imported from Canada.

The good news is Americans are making it clear that addressing high drug prices is of utmost importance to them. A new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll showed that Americans want drug prices to be the top healthcare priority of the next president and Congress. Indeed, 74% of Americans said making sure that high-cost drugs for chronic conditions are affordable to those who need them should be the top priority, and 64% said government action to lower prescription drug prices should be.

The will of the people is clear. We cannot let corporate lobbyists for an industry that’s made billions in profits – while 30% of Americans don’t fill their prescriptions because they cannot afford them – stall or reverse the progress we’ve made this year. We cannot sit on the sideline; we need our voices to be heard in Washington.

Here are a few ways you can get involved and demand Congress not only address the systemic failures that have allowed drug prices to skyrocket, but that they provide immediate relief by protecting access to safe, affordable prescription medications imported from credentialed, safe international pharmacies.

Together, we can make a difference. But it takes action! We hope you will join us today.