AEI: Drug Importation Should Lower Prices, But the FDA Can Do More

Lately, safe and affordable drug importation has been getting attention sparked by the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement that it will organize a working group to explore the practice to address shortages of specific medications as well as high prices.

Roger Bates at the American Enterprise Institute – a public policy think tank – wrote this piece to emphasize the potential of importation for providing safe and affordable medications to Americans who struggle to pay outrageous prices for medications in the U.S.

His name may be familiar as he previously conducted research by ordering medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada and then safety testing them. As he describes this testing, “They sell good quality medicines at roughly half the price of US-based pharmacies.”

However, Bates isn’t very optimistic regarding this latest announcement regarding an FDA working group on importation, stating, “I suspect this will go nowhere because the drug industry doesn’t want it to.”

We agree that we should not get ahead of things with too much hope, yet importation holds great promise so we will be following this news closely.

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